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For over 20 years the professionals at Gros Monserrat Abogados have provided their knowledge and experience in international matters. With an open vision of the legal-commercial culture of the market economy countries, both continental and Anglo-Saxon, and the international legal system, they support companies in every sector and of every size in their international aspirations.
The advice provided by Gros Monserrat Abogados ensures that a company’s international projects and relationships have the security and foresight necessary to avoid and minimise the commercial and legal risks at all possible different levels and situations of internationalisation:

  • Selling goods and services to foreign companies,
  • Creating distribution networks abroad by means of collaboration with other companies, or
  • Effectively setting-up the company abroad.

In order to provide this advice, the professionals at Gros Monserrat Abogados specialise in:

Contracts: When signing appropriate, relevant and binding commercial contracts, it is essential to foresee, reduce and minimise the legal risks in the event of any conflict, and especially in an international context where the contract must ensure that the relationship has some certainty in an uncertain legal context.

We define the most suitable form of contract for the requirements of the project, and how we draw up the precise contractual documentation adapted to the dimensions of the project:

  • Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), non-disclosing agreements (NDA)
  • General terms and conditions of purchase and sale, contractual clauses in purchase orders, offers of sale, quotes or plans for construction or installation work
  • General terms and conditions of warranty
  • Concession and selective and exclusive distribution contracts
  • Commission and agency agreements
  • Manufacture and supply/installation and construction contracts
  • International purchase and sale agreements.
Advice and support concerning the requirements for importing certain goods and services.
Advice on contracting products or services with specific characteristics. We offer our expertise in projects that includes industrial and technical design and information technology and also artistic, scientific and technical work which require intellectual and industrial property protection mechanisms adapted to the situation.
Advice on distribution of liability in after-sales service, statutory and commercial warranty, both in the context of B-to-B and B-to-C relations, and consumer and user protection regulations. Conflict management.
Commercial protection of company’s R+D+I assets, industrial and intellectual property rights and know-how. Conflict management.
Compliance with anti-trust and unfair competition regulations, managing conflicts in this area.
Internet Sales (E-commerce): We provide specific advice on online selling, where compliance with the regulations offers specific difficulties in a global market. We examine and analyse the specific project to ensure this compliance in both B-to-B and B-to-C contexts, and to ensure there is adequate protection of the selling company’s intellectual and industrial property on the web.

This includes the drafting the website’s legal content, and legal disclaimers and general terms and conditions of contracting, as well as advising the company on implementing the digital procedures required for online contracting: confirmation of transaction, withdrawal, data storage (cookies policy); protection of data, privacy and personal honour, particularly for minors; alternative conflict resolution, self-regulation.

Debt collection: Within the scope of the European Union, bringing the simplified small claims procedure. Claiming and negotiating debts; supporting and advising the company on bringing cases before foreign jurisdictions; monitoring proceedings.
Setting up abroad: At Gros Monserrat Abogados we believe it is essential that a company sets up activity on the basis of criteria of opportunity and proportionality, and a business plan drawn up in view of the objectives to be met and all aspects of the project. To achieve this, and based on knowledge of the destination country, Gros Monserrat Abogados offers the necessary advice using all its specialisations in this sphere: financial, fiscal and legal.

This advice includes preparing and coordinating professionals in the destination country, and setting up and launching representation offices, permanent establishments, branches or trading companies from a legal, fiscal, accounting and employment perspective, as applicable.

Specifically, based on the knowledge of the legal context of the destination country, Gros Monserrat Abogados offers:

  • Strategic advice on set-up, taking into consideration the domestic requirements of foreign investment and exchange rate monitoring, banking practices, registration and specific.
  • Support in processing and signing documentation in both source and destination country.
  • Accompanying the company through the process until the entity is up and running.
  • And all coordination necessary to ensure the company and business being set up abroad complies perfectly with Spanish legislation, and tax optimisation.

Gros Monserrat Abogados has long-established professional contacts with many countries, including USA, China, India, most European countries and the Latin American countries Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

Setting up foreign companies in Spain: Gros Monserrat Abogados provides multidisciplinary advice on investment plans in the country, including legal, property, migration, trademark, fiscal, accounting and employment aspects, applying a strategic vision of investment concerning all the areas the project requires.

The professionals at Gros Monserrat Abogados know the formal structure of entities in multiple legal contexts, which makes them particularly skilled at giving practical and efficient advice about the requirements and documents the foreign entity must meet and provide to comply with Spanish regulations.

Using these skills, Gros Monserrat Abogados advises, accompanies and supports foreign companies wishing to incorporate, register and start up a Spanish entity, including all the legal options it believes appropriate for the project in question and optimal from a fiscal perspective. It also offers the accounting and employment back up service necessary for maintaining the entity formally.

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